Decision Support and Self-Management System for Stroke Survivors



  • D1.1 Quality Assurance Plan - This deliverable presents the Quality Assurance Plan of the STARR project. It summarizes the operating rules of the project, as well as the quality assurance and quality control rules for deliverables and dissemination.
  • D1.2 Management Web Platform - This deliverable presents the web management platform provided for the consortium members’ use.
  • D1.6 Data Management Plan - This deliverable describes what data the project will generate, how they will be produced and analysed. It also aims to detail how the data related to the STARR project will be disseminated and afterwards shared and preserved.
  • D1.7 Data Management Plan: First Update – This document is the second iteration of the data management plan, which describes what data the project will generate, how they will be produced and analysed. This updated version presents a new classification of the type of data collected and shared during the project.
  • D2.1 Self-management in Stroke: This report describes the risk factors for stroke; the current practice in the stroke pathway with regards to discharge decisions and what happens in the first 6 months; the current use of tele-rehabilitation and other technology in stroke. The report also suggests functional and non-functional requirements to enable self-management.
  • D2.2 Predictive Modelling and Stroke - This report describes the major predictive models found in clinical decision-making in the assessment of recurrent stroke risk. Additionally the usefulness of these models is discussed as well as which may be used in STARR.
  • D3.1 Initial User Requirements - This deliverable describes the outcomes of the initial user studies conducted to gather initial input for the design process, and provides recommendations for the continued design and development.
  • D3.3 Final Requirements and Recommendations – The deliverable describes the last iteration of the user requirements studies and their major results.
  • D4.1 Description of Use Case Scenarios and Their Technical Requirements - This deliverable defines a first set of use cases involving all the possible elements of the future STARR platform.
  • D8.1 Privacy Implications - This deliverable presents an analysis of the EU privacy and data protection requirements and principles as they apply to the STARR project at the current stage of its development.
  • D8.2 Guidelines for Compliance with Privacy Rules: Data Collection, Combination and Storage – The present deliverable applies the data protection requirements set out in D 8.1. to the technological developments in STARR. It focuses especially on the data flows.
  • D8.3 Compliance with Privacy Rules: Data Transmission – This deliverable presents the compliance of the data transmitted within the STARR system with the current privacy rules.
  • D9.2 Website and Other Dissemination Materials - This deliverable presents the public website of the STARR project and the project flyer in year 1.